How Well Do You Know the Charmed Characters? 

Rated as one of the best fantasy TV shows worldwide, the Charmed series is a gem in the film industry. The show’s plot is interesting and catchy. It brings out several emotions and feelings in the fans that watched it. The talented cast that plays different characters makes the show more amazing. But how well do you know the characters? This guide explains more.

Prue Halliwell

Prue is the eldest of the three sisters. She is the glue that holds the sisters and ensures their family remains stronger amidst the many fights. Prue is the strongest with telekinesis and astral projection powers compared to her siblings. She is responsible for the welfare of the other sisters and takes care of them as they grow. Besides the magical world, Prue works other jobs to sustain the family’s welfare. Prue eventually dies, but later in the third season finale.

Piper Halliwell

Piper is the second born of the sisters. Compared to her sisters, Piper is shy and submissive. She has the power and ability to freeze people and objects. Later in the series, she gains the power of molecular combustion. She can cause explosions and calm fires at her will. According to showrunner Brad Kern, Piper is the most assertive of the three sisters. This personality makes her calmer and a great mediator. She is a good cook and later opens a restaurant.

Phoebe Halliwell

Phoebe is the youngest of the three sisters. She is also the most protected and cared for, as her powers came late compared to others. At first, Phoebe develops the power of premonition, which she struggles to master. However, with training and guidance from her sisters, she masters and later gains more power of levitation and empathy. She is more free-spirited and finds it easy to interact with community members. She also trains in martial arts, making it easy to fight evil.

Cole Turner/Belthazor

Belthazor is a half-human, half-demon character that the three sisters struggle to get rid of. In the demonic world, he is legendary due to his powers and ability to coexist in the human world without getting noticed. Belthazor and Cole Turner later fall in love with Phoebe, the youngest of the three sisters. Cole is a popular character in the Charmed series and brings a lot of excitement throughout the show.

Leo Wyatt

Leo, or the Elder, as referred to in this show, is another character that brings a lot of excitement. As a Whitelighter, he is integral in how the sisters use their powers to fight evil. Besides being immortal, Leo can orb, be invisible, levitate, shoot electricity, and heal. He can also manipulate time as he becomes an avatar later in the series.

Darryl Morris

Darryl is a law enforcement officer curious about the number of murders and crimes in the community. He takes after his father to secure the community and is suspicious of the Charmed sisters. After a series of investigations, he discovers what the three sisters are and works with them to solve the city’s mysterious crimes. He supports the sisters and helps close several demonic-related and unresolved cases.

The cast in the Charmed series consists of talented actors and actresses. They play integral roles in making the show more interesting to watch. By learning more about the characters, one looks forward to the new episodes and seasons as they unfold.


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