MOV Varistor Working Principle

MOV varistor is a resistance component, its characteristics are nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, can be used in some circuit voltage is too large, can not withstand the voltage clamp operation, the circuit the excess circuit absorption, to achieve the protection of the device. The MOV varistor is short for VDR. MOV-type varistor equipment resistance material is a semiconductor, so the MOV-type varistor is also a semiconductor resistor. At present, a popular oat resistor material is zinc oxide MOV varistor, zinc oxide belongs to oxide semiconductor. Would you like to know the role of type MOV varistors and other related information? Now Xiaobian will take you to see some of the introduction to the MOV varistor.

MOV type varistor function:

MOV type varistor is the biggest advantage of itself when a MOV pressure-sensitive resistance of valve value is greater than the external gives its voltage, the current in the circuit flow value is small, its valve gate will be equivalent to a valve does not work, when the voltage increases, the resistance in the circuit is reduced, current increase, thereby eventually reduces the voltage to the influence degree of the circuit. Through this function, we can protect the circuit in the MOV varistor, and prevent the circuit from being affected by voltage, so that the value of voltage will not change too much.

MOV type varistor working principle:

When the voltage added at both ends of the MOV varistor is lower than the nominal rated voltage value, the resistance value is close to infinity, and almost no current passes through the interior; When the voltage at both ends of the MOV varistor is higher than the nominal rated voltage, the voltage quickly breaks down and passes through and changes from high resistance state to low resistance state, and the working current also increases sharply. When the voltage at both ends is lower than the nominal rated voltage, the MOV varistor restores to a high resistance state; When the voltage at both ends of the MOV varistor exceeds its maximum limit voltage, the voltage is completely broken down and damaged, which cannot be recovered.

Selection of MOV varistor:

  1. No matter how the voltage changes, its maximum fluctuation can not exceed the maximum allowed value of the MOV-type varistor. If the continuous working voltage exceeds the maximum allowed value, the use time of the MOV-type varistor will be reduced.
  2. When the MOV varistor is connected between the power line and the earth, the voltage between the power line and the earth may increase due to some reasons, such as no good grounding. The MOV varistor equipment we use must use a higher voltage than the voltage between the power line and the earth.

3.MOV type varistor in the process of working to absorb the current as far as possible less than the product flow.

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