Saftty: Top Thermal Protector Supplier

Saftty is one of the leading thermal protector suppliers in India. Our thermal protectors are high quality and have excellent customer service. This article explains to you how Saftty maximizes the benefits of cooperative partners.

How Saftty Provides Real Benefits to Customers?

With engineers who have more than 15 years of R&D experience, a group of top-notch salespeople, production managers, and technical support staff, offering customers complete solutions for overheating and over-current protection.

In order to provide clients with safe and dependable temperature control products, Safety rigorously monitors the quality of all thermal motor protectors, including high-temperature cutoff switches, resettable thermal cutoff switches, and PTC thermistor motor protection.

What Kind of Services Can Saftty Offer?

Customers who seek standard samples to be sent out within a day and customized samples to be sent out within a week receive prompt and professional service from us. Large orders take two weeks to be delivered. We will communicate with clients throughout the production process to update them on the status. As of right now, we have a lot of ordinary model stock available for prompt delivery. In addition to the salesperson, we also have technicians who help customers with technical assistance, model selection, product usage, and testing.


Saftty specializes in the R&D and production of various micro thermal protectors, which are frequently used in battery packs, electric motors, water pumps, fans, transformers, coils, and windings, as well as portable power tools, electric heaters, and household appliances for overheat and over-current protection. Therefore, if you want to cooperate with us to purchase thermal protectors in bulk, welcome to contact us.

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