The OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot consists of:

Introducing the most recent member of the OPMS kratom product family! In comparison to its older sibling, OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom shot, OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Extract is said to be more powerful, effective, and have a longer duration of effects. The best possible kratom extract can be found in this all-natural and unadulterated liquid form.

At the very beginning are the young Maeng Da leaves that have been plucked fresh from the kratom plant. An exceptionally well-balanced combination of alkaloids is then extracted from the plant at this point. This alkaloid blend is unique to OPMS and is superior to those that are found in other liquid kratom shots.

This method of extraction is carried out by applying a carefully calculated combination of low-temperature water and extremely high pressure to the material to be extracted. The experts at OPMS are able to extract the maximum quantity of powerful alkaloids from the leaves of the kratom plant using this method.

The use of this method also guarantees that the natural kratom alkaloids will keep their unaltered state throughout the duration of this task. Because they use an exclusive extraction method, the company now has access to a significantly higher concentration of active ingredients, which they can incorporate into their products.

This kratom extract provides the following benefits:

Even with just a couple of drops, this gloriously high concentration of naturally occurring alkaloids can be experienced almost immediately. Many people take pleasure in including a few drops of flavoring in their beverages, such as coffee, tea, or juice.

It is wonderful that OPMS has made this extract tastier than its other available counterparts, which have a taste that is more abrasive and bitter than this one does. Because the effects can be felt with such a small amount, even experienced users of kratom should begin with only a couple drops and then increase as desired. This is due to the fact that the effects can be felt with such a small amount.

The Black Liquid Kratom Shot is not like any other liquid kratom shot that is currently available for purchase. When compared to kratom in powder or capsule form, kratom extract in liquid form enables the consumer to exercise a greater degree of control over the dosage that they are ingesting. This is one of the advantages of going with a liquid form of the product.

Because it is absorbed into the body more effectively in the liquid form of kratom as opposed to the other forms, you will experience a greater effect with this smaller bottle. This is an additional advantage of the liquid form over the other forms. As a result, many people take pleasure in the fact that the liquid extract shots wind up costing less overall because they provide greater value for the money spent, particularly when purchased in larger quantities.

How much of the liquid black kratom extract should I consume?

If kratom has never been used before, it is advised to start with a powder or pill form of the herb. This is because liquid kratom extract contains a more concentrated form of mitragynine in addition to other active alkaloids. OPMS kratom available at My Kratom Club, where you may purchase it.

The liquid extract in each Black Liquid Kratom container measures 8 mL. The dosage will change depending on the individual. It is advised to start with a few drops and use no more than one-third of the shot. Afterward, take it as gently as necessary. Starting cautiously is advised since OPMS Black Liquid Kratom is more potent than OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Extract.

A scrumptious kratom shot with a flavouring of lemon-lime:

Now, if you’re familiar with kratom shots and the flavour they have, you probably already know that the majority of them just have different nuances of the same flavour. And for this reason, it may be tough to swallow. This Hush Kratom Ultra Shot has a flavour that is unmistakably distinct from that of other brands now available on the market.

It has a flavour that is reminiscent of the tropics and lemon-lime, but it is not as sweet as some of the other kratom shots on the market. In point of fact, lime juice is the very first component of this Kratom Ultra Shot! Because of this, it is really satisfying to drink on its own and also makes a scrumptious addition to any juice or smoothie of your choosing.

A very powerful and effective shot:

This is a very powerful shot that is packed with a very high concentration of alkaloids. In its leaf or powder form, the typical kratom herbal supplement typically contains approximately 15 mg of mitragynine alkaloids in addition to the other naturally occurring alkaloids found in the plant.

A lot of folks find that using 3-5 grams is the sweet spot for their outcomes. The purity of these Kratom Ultra Shots is among the highest that can be found; they includes 80% pure full spectrum alkaloids and contains much more than other similar products.

Each bottle of shots contains 10 mL of liquid tincture, which has been divided into the recommended serving size of three mL (each about 3.3 mL). Each bottle of 10 mL contains between 107 and 113 mg of mitragynine, which is equivalent to between 7 and 9 grams of kratom leaf powder (or 2-3 grams per 3.3mL serving).


Because there are markings on the surface of the bottle with each of the three measurements, determining the dosage is simple and straightforward. In addition, it is important to note that the container itself is made of glass.

This means that you do not need to be concerned about the possibility of microplastics being ingested by your tincture and, as a result, by you.You may quickly find the Hush Kratom brand at My Kratom Club and purchase the Hush kratom items of your choice, where they are of  high quality and reasonably priced.

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