Top 3 Super Standard Ways to Check 3-Card Lottery at Bookmaker new88

Check the lottery in 3 numbers is a way for players to make predictions to find numbers with a high probability of appearing the next day. This method will be simple when bettors are equipped with enough knowledge and super accurate prediction tips. Information okay Nha cai new88 party Sharing below will introduce to you some super tips to help bettors win big.

What is the 3-card lottery?

3-digit lottery prediction is a form of betting on the last 3 numbers in the special prize of the daily lottery results. Simply put, when playing, you must accurately predict the numbers that will appear in the lottery of the 3 North, Central, and South regions that day.

3-card lottery includes 2 specific forms:

  • 3-digit lottery: Bettors will have to predict the last 3 numbers of the special prize with a probability of winning 1/1000 (0.1%).
  • 3-card lottery: Players predict the last 3 numbers of each prize in the lottery, so the probability of winning this type will be higher than the 3-card lottery.

How much money do you get if you predict 3 numbers?

Depending on the participating region and address, the way reward points are calculated will be different. However, the difference is not too big and understanding the information will help you a lot in predicting the 3-digit lottery.

  • Bonus points at traditional contractors: Ranging from 1: 400 – 1: 700.
  • Online bookmaker: Depending on the address, it will range from 1: 700 – 1: 980.

The 3-digit lottery prediction method always wins from experts

Lottery prediction 3 is very popular and is used by many bettors. With a simple way to play, the odds are high, so when you win, it brings attractive profits. Here are some formulas to help players win more:

Odd-even prediction formula

The method of predicting the 3-digit number is simple but the probability of winning is very high. That is the reason why this formula is favored by many lottery enthusiasts. First, follow the lottery results and then calculate the winning numbers and apply them by day.

For example, on December 9, you choose the odd number of days to be 7 and have a winning number of 16. The sum of the 2 numbers at this time will be 7 and this is an odd number, so take the opportunity and invest first in lot 3. The more are 716, 167, 176 to raise.

Apply the 3-digit lottery strategy based on the days of the week

This prediction method is very simple and also helps bettors own numbers with a high probability of exploding. First, apply it every day to choose lottery numbers with a high occurrence rate. Next, see what day it is and then combine them with the numbers found to use for the next day.

Catch 3 claws according to silver memory

Predicting the 3-card lottery according to the silver memory is a method that is also applied by many bettors. This method seems more difficult and complicated, requiring players to have understanding to be able to apply it successfully.

To do this, you must rely on the station’s lottery results statistics table. Through that, players should conduct analysis, research and predictions to find the most accurate rule of lottery number 3.

Predicting 3 depends more on the total ball

For this method, after you have chosen 2 lottery numbers, add them together. When there are lottery results, players should combine them to find the super standard Northern 3-card lottery.

For example, today’s lottery number is 35, which adds up to a total of 8. Then you combine them to get 3 numbers, 358, 835, 385. In case the total is greater than 10, the player continues to add more. Again, if the number 69 adds up to 15, the addition will be 1 + 5 = 6. When combined, the numbers will be 696, 669, 966.
See :

Note that when predicting 3 numbers, bettors should know

The above 3-digit prediction formulas are very useful and you can apply them. To achieve good results when predicting, players should note:

  • Analyzing bridges through the lottery results table is the basis for more effective prediction methods. Therefore, when playing, you should keep statistics on the resultsLottery from 30 – 60 days to conduct research and predictions.
  • When you get a good number, you should follow many requirements (2 – 4) to ensure investment capital and profits.
  • Lottery 3 results are more relative, so you should apply more strategies to optimize your chances of winning.

This article has introduced to you information related to 3-card lottery. We hope that players will choose the appropriate prediction method to lock in beautiful numbers and win big. In particular, please register an account at bookmaker new88 to conveniently bet and receive many attractive incentives.

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