What is First Serve Betting? Tips for Betting Kick Off Bao Thang

The first serve bet is an extremely interesting type of play and attracts many bettors every time it appears on the trading floor. If you still have many questions about this type, please refer to the analysis article from the expert Neu88 under.

What is first serve bet?

On the  New88 trading floor today, in addition to the familiar types such as Sic Bo, Asian, European, etc., the house also creates many other extremely interesting game types for bettors to choose from. Prominent among them must definitely be mentionedFirst serve bet, a type of betting that requires bettors to predict the first club to make the first pass.

In the betting world, this type is also known as Kick Off bet. Although it is not a very new style of play, this form is still not too popular so many new players or lack of knowledge will have difficulty knowing about the match.

According to expert evaluation, Kick Off is a simple, easy-to-understand game style and has a fairly high winning rate (50% for each bet). However, compared to other types of betting, the first serve bet will depend a lot on the player’s luck factor. Therefore, bettors should only choose this form as a way to “test their luck” during the day and should not bet too much money when betting.

First serve odds and detailed calculation of wins and losses

Unlike other types of bets that have to wait until the match ends, Kick Off will have win or loss results as soon as the match starts. Even if you watch the referee toss the coin and choose the court, the bettor will already know which side will win if the bet to serve first will be the winner.

Basically, the coin toss will not depend on any outside factors such as the rankings of the two teams or the correlation of strength between the two sides. Therefore, with every factor based on luck, the appeal of Kick Off betting will be greatly increased.

Although luck is still the main factor in determining the win or loss of this type of betting, there are still special ways to win the first serve bet. The prerequisite we can mention is choosing the house carefully or looking at the details of many matches and only selecting 1-2 matches to make money.
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What are the advantages of betting players should choose to play the first serve bet?

There are many special types of betting offered by bookmaker  New88 on the trading floor, why is the Kick Off bet so loved by experts and recommended to bettors? Let’s immediately see the advantages of this type of play in the sports section below:

  • This type of betting is simple, easy to understand and easy to play.
  • High winning rate (50% for each choice).
  • The payout rate is high and even between the two doors.
  • Bets are returned quickly, bettors can continue to take profits to invest in future matches.
  • Bookmaker New88 will not “cheat” the first serve bet. Therefore, bettors can completely feel secure and participate in betting in this type of betting.

Kick Off betting tips from expert  New88

To increase your chances of winning when betting, players should immediately learn the following ways to predict Kick Off odds from experts.

Calculate the probability of winning the Kick Off bet for both sides

When participating in a first serve bet, bettors should search and summarize the results of this type of betting at the previous time for both sides. At this point, the player will calculate in detail the probability of each team winning the average bowl in every appearance. Then bets will be placed on the team with the highest winning percentage.

Focus on placing the home team

In theory, the coin toss will be lucky and 50/50 for both teams. However, statistics from  New88 experts show that the home team has a 60-70% chance of winning the first bowl in the match. Therefore, the field factor will be the first criterion players should focus on analyzing before placing money.

Apply urgent play style

If you are a professional bettor, folding play will probably not be a strange type of bet. In this type of game, the reader will place a bet with twice the initial capital invested if the previous bet fails.

According to experts, the very good gameplay will be extremely suitable for betting on first serve bets. Because of the high payout rate and the home team’s winning percentage is also slightly higher, players can double bet on “Home” bets during the match. If you win a bet after double play, readers should return to placing money with the original capital.

The last article has brought you all the knowledge about first serve betting compiled and analyzed by  New88 experts. Don’t wait any longer, visit the page now to bring yourself super profitable options in the near future.

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