What is First Serve Betting?

When betting on soccer online with one of today’s bookmakers, you will become familiar with many different types of bets. In addition to using match score results for betting.

They then use additional bet types to predict different scores. So what is the first serve bet? Invite gamers to come NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP to read the article below.

What is the term first serve bet?

Any bookmaker will not allow players to serve first. When you don’t understand what the definition of first serve is? How can you win the easiest way?

The term “kick off” is also applied to the first serve. The player’s mission is paramount when participating in this bet. Therefore, you have to guess which team will serve the ball first. The gambler then bets on this group.

Bets placed by players who have chosen to serve first usually turn a profit quite quickly. The result will not be known until the first minute of the match. The team’s face will then be revealed when the referee tosses the coin. It will be obvious which team gets to serve first.

First serve is an attractive side bet. It is really difficult to bet on this market. Your chances of winning or losing also depend a lot on luck. The answer to what is the first serve bet is already there, now you have to study some of the following tips.

#3 Tips for catching first serve bets from experts

Try the tips we have provided below. Let’s see how to bet more effectively in this serve bet.

1. Should focus on the team playing at home

You should pay attention and focus on the home team during the first serves. Because the home team usually has an advantage. The home team will probably often enjoy the privilege of serving first.

Therefore, you should consider which team is the home team while reading information about the two teams. Where is the opposing team? You will then be able to choose the team to bet on. But when both clubs play away from home, let’s analyze the pros and cons of each team at this time. Then, eliminate the less skilled team to earn the privilege of serving first.

2. Use double betting when placing serve bets

Most soccer bettors use this betting strategy. And you only need a modest amount of money to bet. When adjusting the bet on the first serve using the steel fold game. Only the home team or away team will be chosen by players as their selection. You will then continue using this strategy for 4 games in a row. You will gradually increase the size of your bet with each game. When your prediction results indicate that the team is suitable to serve first, you will stop. However, as we said, this strategy should only be used with 4 bets.
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3. Check the summary report about the teams

Reviewing reports and summaries before placing bets is an option for players. To determine the odds of the team you bet on to serve first. You will then use this information as a foundation to create an accurate forecast for yourself.

Above are 3 suggestions that we want to share with you once players have a basic understanding of what the first serve bet is. The first serve also happened very quickly. Therefore, you must pay attention to the actual starting time of the match. Pay attention to the information Nhacaiuytin provides. This will allow you to get in on the first serve and ensure that you don’t miss out.


After reading the article explaining the term first serve bet by NEW88, we hope you will better understand this type of bet. So that players can be proficient in using and predicting odds. You have to practice a lot, study the game and accumulate betting knowledge.

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