Learn how to play unbeatable four-color cards for beginners

Four colors card game is an easy-to-play folk card game and is popular on online betting platforms today. How to play four-color cards It’s not too difficult, as long as you know how to think combined with luck, the ability to win will be very easy. Today’s article, let’s go New88 Learn some ways to play that are being applied by many players and successfully earn rewards to be more confident when participating in betting games at the house.
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Some details about the four-color card game

Four-color card game, also known as “Four Color” card game, is a popular card game with 4 main colors: Red, White, Yellow and Green. The way to play four-color cards is similar to the Tam Cuc card deck, popular in the Northern region of our country. However, Four Colors card game has its own characteristics and has become a classic game for card lovers.

In this game, 4 participants are usually needed, but it is possible to start with 2-3 people. Four-color cards are usually made of hard paper, rectangular in shape, compact and delicate.

Each deck of Four Colors cards includes 4 colors and each color has 7 different cards: General, Soldier, Bishop, Rook, Cannon, Knight and Pawn. There are a total of 112 cards, creating appeal and challenge in the game.

The Four Colors cards usually only have writing, which highlights the difference from the Tam Cuc cards. This game is not only entertaining but also associated with cultural values ​​of the past.

The most detailed rules of four-color card game

Before starting, you need to prepare a deck of cards and at least 4 players, however if the number of participants is less (from 2 to 3 people), you can still start the game.

One of you will be in charge of dealing the cards. In the first game, players are free to choose who will deal the cards. This person will deal 5 cards to each player, for a total of 4 rounds of dealing. Each player will have a total of 20 cards. The dealer will get 1 more card, and they will also be the first to go.

After the cards are dealt, the remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table, often called the “Pink card” or in the case of the Four Colors card, you can call it “Tie”. When it is a player’s turn and they have no cards to play, they must draw a card from the Pi to continue their turn.

The goal of the game is to reduce the number of cards in hand until there are no more junk cards left. However, in this game, it does not matter the number of cards left in the hand, what is important is that the cards in the hand must be arranged into prescribed combinations to be counted as “Go”, that is, to win the game. .

Unlike some other card games, the four-color card game does not have a regulation that there can be 2 to 3 players. Instead, there is only one Goer per game. After determining the Goer, the score will be calculated and a new game begins.

7 ways to play four-color cards to win big from experts

There are many ways to play four-color cards intelligently and win big from experts. Below, New88 will reveal to you 7 ways to play that are being applied by many players and bring about satisfactory betting results.

Keep the odd cards, fold the belly cards

Another good way to play four-color cards that you can refer to is not being greedy when encountering belly cards. “Beat cards” is a term used when you could easily win the game but decide to bet higher than usual.

However, greed and overconfidence can cause you to lose money immediately. Instead, take advantage of the belly card, keep the odd set and use the remaining card as a trash card in a smart way to win in the following games.

Take the trash to create a beautiful deck of cards

First of all, to win the four colors game, take a lot of cards. Instead of just playing junk quickly, you need to take advantage of unnecessary cards to create even or odd sets and round up quickly. Playing a lot of cards is a four-color card game that can create an advantage and help you win against your opponents.

Lure your opponent into releasing cards

This is a four-color card game that helps you control the flow of the match. Play low-value cards to lure your opponent into playing the cards you need. Use your communication skills and read your opponent’s psychology to achieve the best results.

Keep the trump cards

The trump card usually has the highest value, so you should keep it and arrange the remaining cards appropriately. Use your trump cards effectively to defeat your opponents when necessary. Remember, your trump card is one of the most important weapons that you should use at the right time.
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Focus on playing high value cards first

Choosing the first card is a four-color play that can change the entire match. If you have a good deck, play high-value cards to make it difficult for your opponent to play the next card. This helps you establish a position in the game and create favorable conditions for victory.

Arrange the cards in pairs

When sorting, divide the cards into pairs of similar value. Playing one pair of cards at a time helps you optimize your chances of winning and minimize risks. This way of playing four-color cards also helps you have an overview of the match and optimize your card playing.

Observe and evaluate your opponent’s cards

Monitoring your opponent’s cards to evaluate your opponent’s tactics and abilities is an extremely important way to play four-color cards. This helps you find ways to block your opponent’s tactics and adjust your strategy flexibly. By focusing on your opponents, you can easily defeat them and win.


Hope with these How to play four-color cards Just compiled and shared above by New88, it will help bettors master their bets and successfully win their bets. Just applying the tips above will help you become confident and defeat all opponents. Visit the house to show off your skills now.

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