Special things are only available in New88 half-time and full-time bets

Half time and full time bets How is New88 understood? For those of you who have been playing for a long time. This type of bet is no longer a strange concept. However, for new players, there are still a lot of worries. And New88 We will help you find out clear information through the article below.
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What are half-time and full-time bets?

In Half Time Full Time you must understand what Half Time and Full Time are. The first half is a HT bet, as the name suggests, it is a first half bet. Full time is full time it is called FT, betting the whole game.

1st Half bet denoted as HT means 1st Half bet, players bet on 1st Half or 2nd Half as they wish. Full match bets are rated FT, which means a full match including 2 extra periods. FT markets do not include overtime or penalties.

Symbols during half-time and full-time betting

To make betting easier, you should understand the meaning of some of the symbols below:

  • HT: This is the symbol used to indicate the playing time of the first half (Half Time).
  • FT: Total match time (Full Time).
  • Q: Home team.
  • D: Draw.
  • A: Away team (Away)
  • HH: Bet on the home team winning, including the first half and the whole match (Home team – Home).
  • HA: Bet on the home team winning the first half and the away team winning the entire match (home – away).
  • AA: Bet on the away team winning, including the first half and the whole match (Away – Away team).
  • DD: Draw in the first half and the whole match (Draw – Draw).
  • HD: 1st Half, Home Team Wins, Both Matches Draw (Home – Draw).
  • DH: The first half was a draw, the home team won the whole match (Draw – Home).
  • AH: The away team won the first half, the home team won the whole match (Away – Home).
  • DA: First half drawn, away team wins the whole match (Draw – Away).
  • AD: First half, away team wins, both matches draw (away team – draw).

Cases where half-time and full-time bets need to be calculated

One of the participating teams was too subjective and ignored defense. Or the strongest team scores the first goal in the first half. These are considered two cases that need to be counted half time and full time bets enter.

Experience in playing half-time and full-time betting effectively

Observing and evaluating the strength of teams in recent times is what players often do. Most specifically, players will go through match history, lineup,… to evaluate the strength of both teams. This is considered the most frequently favored strategy.

This way, you can accurately evaluate each team’s scoring ability. One piece of advice for you is with the matches. Since both teams have a high defensive spirit, the first half will likely be quite exciting. For matches where the two teams have a big difference in strength. You should prioritize choosing the stronger team and apply half-match and full-match bets.

Questions about half time and full time betting

Half time and full time bets are the most played types of bets in the betting market. Surely there will be players wondering about this type of bet. The following are the questions that New88 receives the most. Detail:

Question 1: Are there betting limits for HT/FT bets?

These two types of bets, like other types of soccer bets, have payout limits. But it depends on the house you play with. At the same time, there are some betting portals that allow unlimited bets, as long as you have enough money. There, as long as you have enough money, you can bet as much as you want.

Question 2: Is there a time limit for betting?

Half time and full time bets These are bets that can only be opened before the match time. You need to actively monitor betting time to bet at the right time. If the time is wrong, you are not allowed to bet anymore. That’s why you need to pay attention to the time when starting to play this type of betting.
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Question 3: Does every match have HT and FT bets?

Depending on the scale of this match, each card portal will be able to organize different bets. However, at New88, most will support players with these two basic bet levels. That’s why you can rest assured playing at this reputable house without worrying about anything.


Above is the information about half time and full time bets which we want to share with you. Hopefully with our article, you will better understand these two types of bets from bookmaker New88. Hope you win big with your bet at this reputable bookmaker.

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