myACT’s ODM/OEM Services for Portable Energy: Ensuring Quality through Advanced Product Testing

myACT is renowned for its exceptional ODM/OEM services in the field of portable energy solutions. As part of their commitment to delivering high-quality products, myACT places great emphasis on comprehensive product testing. By equipping their facilities with state-of-the-art testing equipment and implementing advanced testing procedures, myACT ensures that every product meets rigorous quality standards. From component traceability to functional testing, myACT’s product testing system guarantees the reliability and worry-free use of their portable energy solutions.

Component-Level Traceability

myACT understands the importance of component traceability in ensuring product quality and accountability. To achieve this, myACT has introduced a full-process barcode traceability system. This system enables the tracking of each product at the component level, providing transparency throughout the manufacturing process. By having precise knowledge of the components used, myACT can ensure consistency and reliability in their portable energy solutions.

Advanced Testing Equipment

To perform thorough inspections, myACT has invested in an extensive range of testing equipment. This investment allows for the replacement of manual work with advanced testing instruments, improving accuracy and efficiency. In the Initial Quality Control (IQC) stage, myACT employs inspection equipment such as copper thickness tests, reliability test slicing equipment, and metallographic microscopes. These tools enable in-depth analysis and verification of component quality, ensuring that only top-notch materials are used.

Reliability and Safety Testing

myACT recognizes the importance of reliability and safety in portable energy solutions. To ensure the highest level of performance, myACT employs a range of reliability testing equipment, including safety testing, temperature cycle testing, aging testing, and ORT (ongoing reliability testing).


myACT’s ODM/OEM services for portable energy solutions are backed by an advanced and comprehensive product testing system. From component-level traceability to functional testing and reliability assessments, myACT employs top-of-the-line testing equipment and procedures to ensure the quality and reliability of their products. Customers can trust in myACT’s commitment to delivering worry-free portable energy solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence.


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